Hazardous Substance Codes

Hazardous Substance Codes

Class 1
On board the stack of quarters, and the boat away from the ship, just under the hatch covers should be made.
This class of substances, includes ::
Black Gunpowder, Fireworks, smoke Grenade, Ammunition, Dynamite, etc.


Class 2
Class 2.1
FLAMMABLE GASES : For every kind of heat source to the quarters and stowed away.
Substances in this class are :
Acetylene, Ethane, Ethylene, Methane, Hydrogen,etc.


Class 2.2
TOXIC GAS : All kinds of heat sources, staff quarters and should be stored away from food.
Substances in this class are :
Ammonia, chlorine, Fluorine, Prussic Acid, Chloride, Carbon monoxide, etc.


Class 2.3
NON-FLAMMABLE COMPRESSED GAS : The deck or under deck, well-ventilated and should be kept in a cool place. This is the tubes filled with gas when they expand, and this is the cause of the explosion is so they are very dangerous.
Substances in this class are :
Argon, Helium, carbon Dioxide Gas, Oxygen, etc.


Class 3
Flammable liquids, evaporating the gas to the point of combustion, they are divided into 3 groups.

GASOLINE : flash point lower than 18 degrees. Always on the stacked deck.
DIESEL : Burning point 18 and 23 degrees degrees. On the deck or on stowed under deck.
DIESEL : flash point of 23 degrees, with 61 degrees. Stowed below deck.


Class 4
FLAMMABLE SOLID) : Deck or under deck should be proportional. Living quarters should stay away from.
Substances in this class :
Aluminium Powder, Celluloid, Naphthalene, Red Phosphorus, Movies, Neft Oil, Dry Fibers, etc.


Class 4.2
SPONTENOUSLY COMBUSTIBLE) : Çok iyi havalandırılmış yerlerde istiflenmeli, istif araları hava sirkülasyonunu sağlayacak şekilde oluşturulmalıdır.
This class contains :
Copra, Fish Flour, hay,charcoal, etc.


Class 4.3
DANGEROUS WHEN WET : In contact with water or when they are wet, and solids which are burning. Well ventilated and dry, it should be kept in place and absolute contact with water should be avoided.
This class contains :
Alkaline alloys, Barium, Carbide, Ferro Silicon, Natriyum, Magnesium, etc.


Class 5
Class 5.1
OKSİTLEYİCİ MADDELER (OXIDIZING AGENT) : The materials in this class, oxygen reveal by the combustion of a facilitator, they constitute. This is due to the properties of flammable materials near the stack.
Substances in this class:
Nitrate, Artificial Fertilizers, Ammonium Sullfat, Barium Chlorate, etc.


Class 5.2
ORGANIC PEROXIDE : This class of flammable substances as they could be, they can be explosive. The deck on top of the implicitly, in a dry and cool place to be placed.
Substances in this class :
All peroxides of this class.


Class 6
Class 6.1
TOXIC : xxxToxic substances in the human body can enter through the mouth and kill people. For this reason, food, beverages, tobacco, such as living quarters and humidity which substances should be placed away from the
Substances in this class :
Arsenic, Aniline, Barium Oxide, Phenol, Nicotine, Lead, Cyanide, Mercury in products, etc.


Class 6.2
INFECTIOUS SUBSTANCE : These substances contain microbes which cause disease. Food, drink and be storedaway from living quarters. In case of danger to the nearest health authority should be notified.
Includes :
Bone, bone Oil, Compressed Meat Wastes, Animal Skin, Blood, Dust, etc.


Class 7
These substances in special containers are shipped. The door of the absolute must be undamaged. Preferably above deck, the crew's quarters, nutrients, bathroom not films, drugs and chemical substances should be put away. Activity in terms of degrees are divided into 3 groups.


Class 7.1

Class 7.2

Class 7.3